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Finding your Sound in Music

When you think of the ‘perfect sound’, what comes to mind? 

A particular producer you look up too? Maybe a handful of similar songs that resonate with you?

Track down the creative minds behind the songs you enjoy, and study them. Rigorously.

Ask yourself. What is it I love about these songs?

Is it their loose human-like drums?

Their arrangement choices?

Their sound selection?

Music Prod. Tip #12 - Find your Sound as a Producer

"The more you experiment, the more unique, efficient and decisive you'll become"

Finding your Sound as a Producer

Once you understand what it is you like, you can start reverse-engineering their work.

As the great Pablo Picasso once said, “Good artists copy. Great artists steal”.

Learn from those you look up to, but don’t just copy. Innovate. 

Studying those Head Nods

Your ‘sound' won't magically appear overnight.

Like the flood of eureka moments you've probably come to enjoy on your musical journey thus far—finding your sound is no different, and will come with time. I promise.

As you come to learn what triggers your ferocious head bopping, only then will your subconscious take-over from you.

Experimentation is the most creative and enjoyable aspect of music production.

A Thought to End On.

Stop worrying about your damn sound and get back to the studio!


Until next time… 🚀


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  1. Another great post! Love the idea about experimentation -finding the pattern of your true favourite music style:))

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