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Volume Differences between Channels

So, you’ve got yaself a sample.

And much to your frustration, the sound is louder in one ear than the other.

Annoying. 😐

Sound familiar? I've got a solution for ya in the video below.

Forgot your earphones? At work? Roommate sleeping? 

No problemo. I got chu. The video transcription is below too. 

Until next time… 🚀

Video Transcription

All right.

So today I wanted to talk to you about fixing unbalanced stereo channels.

Now what does this mean?

If you’re dealing with a stereo signal and there’s sound coming from the left and right speaker, this is essentially where one channel is louder or quieter than another.

Now in the mix, at least in the case I’m about to show you, it was really obvious. It seemed like the sound was panned to the right, but my ear was a little confused because I was still hearing quite a loud level in the left speaker and down the centre too. So I wanted to fix that.

Now in the past, I’ve turned to things like mid/side EQ, compression, automation, etc, to try and fix this problem.

But there is a much, much easier way of doing it and it’s using a plugin, a freeware plugin, from the guys over at Flux called Stereo Tool.

Let’s just get that up for you now.

All right. So this is the URL. If you head over to Flux and scroll down the page, you’ll find the Stereo Tool plugin under the freeware section.

Lemme give you an example of what I’m talking about.

OK. So, let’s listen to some bongos. I know we shouldn’t be mixing with our eyes [please don’t hate me]. But if you look at the meter here, you'll see the right side is louder than the left.

OK. And here I’ve also got a vocal chop.

The vocal chop is not as obvious, but you can see it’s a little louder.

Lemme just solo them both again and then I'll switch on Stereo Tool.

Again, the vocal chop is not as obvious. Let me just move that. So with the Stereo Tool on bongos. OK. So this will be on and off. OK. So let’s open the plugin quickly.

Right. You get a visual representation here of the stereo signal. Let me just disengage this… You can see here quite clearly that the right hand side is swayed and it’s something in this situation I'd like to fix.

Don’t worry about the input gains, don’t worry about the phase. Just bring this in and you will see slowly it starts to become more vertical and there you go.

Just again, on and off.

That’s it. That’s how you go about fixing a sample that has an unbalanced stereo signal. As usual, I hope you like the video. Please like, comment and subscribe. I really appreciate the support you guys give me and I will see you in the next one.

Until next time… PEACE.

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