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An Unexpected Genre-Defining Sound

Ever noticed how snares define the mood of your song. Nope, me neither lol.

My favourite example of this was trying to use a trap snare on anything other than trap. As it turns out…A terrible Idea. 😅

Thinking about it, snares not only hold the power to set the mood of a song, but they can be genre defining too.


I've never thought about snares this way before… 🤔

Finding the Right Snare for your Beats

The next time you're choosing a snare for your song, make a conscious effort to notice which samples you gravitate towards.

For those samples you cycle through, take a mental note of those that sounded right (or wrong) to your ears.

It's enlightening.

Yeah. But. How does this Help me?

You organise your sample library, right? Perhaps by:

  • Sample type, i.e. kicks, percussion, pianos, etc OR
  • Genre, i.e. Soul, R&B, Trap, etc.

And if you don't… I recommend getting yo' shit together. 😂

Give Samplism or Atlas a go. They're been my go-to sample managers for a while, and have been flawless thus far. 

The Samplism team are also very responsive—so you're in good hands if you ever ask a question, or need help.

For a free alternative, there's Loopcloud by LoopMasters.

"Snares not only hold the power to set the mood—they can be genre defining too."

A Thought to End On.

You've gotta be strategic with your snare selections. 👌🏼

Spending 15 minutes—for example—surfing through rock snares on a EDM song is a tragic waste of your time.

The faster you find the sound you're looking for, the quicker you can move onto something else. Something else more creative lol. 😎

Until next time… 🚀


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